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In a fast-paced world dominated by deadlines and to-dos, The Corporate Hippie reintroduces ancient practices to restore balance between the professional and the human. Enabling you to discover your innate strengths and elevate your voice authentically to the world.

Harmony begins when your in your flow

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Jessie Pengilly Corporate Hippie


I am a Corporate Hippie and Intuitive Business Guide, in the business of corporate burnout, disconnection, and loss of direction. I have a passion for not only re-finding but actively engaging and harmonising with that wilderness within each of us.  Harnessing ancient knowledge and practices I guide professionals to restore balance between their inner and outer worlds to help find their voice, grow in the direction of their strengths and elevate their message to the world.

I have studied deeply many ancient practices and more modern fields of thought - from Shambhala, Reiki and Yoga through to Shamanism, Ho’oponopono and Human Design. I do not believe there is one ‘authority’ or ‘right way’. There is goodness and value across a range of ancient techniques and all of us can benefit from various aspects of each throughout the changing cycles of our lives.

A Sagittarius sun, Virgo rising and scorpio moon. Life Path 7, Enneagram 5, Manifesting Generator 6 with Left Angle Cross of Separation 2, INTP-A and, as you probably have already guessed am passionate about authentic human connections.


After writing The Corporate Hippie Handbook I realised there was a huge gap in accessible ancient knowledge. So alongside the 121 programmes on this site you will also find guides, books and courses that will enable you to discover and harness ancient practices to restore harmony. I do not believe in charging for access to knowledge so unless we are working directly everything else on here is free.


Lean into what calls to you and have fun!

Join us on a journey to reclaim forgotten rituals and infuse them into our daily routines. From yoga and meditation to herbal remedies and sustainable living, we explore practices that nourish the body, mind, and spirit, empowering individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

Whether you're seeking inspiration to cultivate a more mindful workspace, incorporate conscious practices into your business model, or simply reconnect with your inner self amidst the chaos, this is your space to make it easier for you to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern corporate life.

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